Top 7 Poses: Yoga for weight loss!

Yoga for weight loss? Sure! Weight loss involves a somewhat complicated process, especially when extra pounds are a lot. What many of us do not realize is that the basis of weight loss is discipline.

yoga for weight loss

First, control of lust, awareness of real weight, or meditation on what we have to do is part of our discipline. Most of the time, a large number of people give up one of those listed above and realize that they have not even lost a gram. When this happens, they return to their old habits, and the thing with the weight loss seems to have no relevance. Secondly, these things do not occur if you have been able to discipline yourself, and thirdly, meditation is when we ask ourselves why we do not fit our last year’s clothes.

I was saying above that we must also meditate on the things that we are going to do and discipline. Do you not recognize the combination? Including in the same place the meditation and control with weight loss, have the following result: yoga for weight loss.

Yoga is a beneficial practice for a wealth of things, including weight loss. If you are one of the great fans of aerobics, yoga is ideal for you! Indeed, the results of yoga practice are a bit slower than a cardio workout, for example, but yoga can burn enough calories to lose weight. Not just yoga positions can burn calories, but meditation also brings you a healthier lifestyle. What’s more, yoga for weight loss helps you sleep better, which leads to accelerating your metabolism. A quiet sleep in enough number of hours helps more than you think when you want to lose weight.

Our first thoughts about weight loss do not fly to yoga because it is a more complicated process; it takes time and meditation. After reading this article, surely the reflection on this practice will appear, at least to think of using it to lose weight. Yoga does not melt calories just as jogging does, but it helps you consume foods that make you well and do not make digestion difficult. Meditation and discipline do not burn calories, but it improves the brain to figure out what food it needs. Our body can become accustomed in a short time, to consume or not to consume any unhealthy food. On the other hand, yoga is used more and more often to treat various diseases, including fattening.

We have chosen the most comfortable yoga positions that can help you lose weight. The positions you adopt when doing yoga, help to stretch your muscles, but also to relax.

Back to yoga for weight loss, here we have some position that may  help you:

yoga for weight loss

  • Half Spinal Twist Pose or Vakrasana

Stay on the bottom of a yoga mat with the top of the right body and the legs stretched forward. Turn your upper body in the opposite direction of your feet, bring one of your knees to the chest, while the sole is on the floor. Grab with the opposite hand of your raised leg, your knee outstretched. The benefits of this position are clear: it strengthens the column, and more, it reduces the fat on the abdomen.

yoga for weight loss

  • Shoulder Stand also called Sarvangasana

A relatively easy yoga position, shoulder stand, involves supporting the body in shoulders. Stretch out on a yoga mat and hold your hands up while raising your feet in a straight line. Your body must stand straight like a candle. You will manage to keep your body straight after a few attempts when it begins to be flexible. Reducing fat, stimulating the thyroid gland, improving digestion, and toning the bottom and legs are the benefits of this position.

  • Frog Pose or Bhekasana

Frog Pose is a comfortable position to do. Stay down on the floor with your legs stretched on the floor, get up in your elbows, and bring your heel to your buttocks. Grab the heel with your palm and gently bring it to the floor. What are the benefits? Increase the organs in the abdominal area, the abdomen and chest stretch, and the posture of the body gets better.



  • Deep Forward Fold is known as Padahastasana

If you want the muscles of the abdomen to stimulate and the heart beats have a regular rhythm, it’s time to try Deep Forward Fold. Stay up, bend the top of your body until you reach your palms on the floor and lift the soles slightly so you can put your palms under them. Doing the exercise right include holding straight knees.

  • Side Plank Pos or Vasisthasana

By this position, your body will have a balancing ability. Stand sideways with your feet and stand in one hand while the other is up. If you manage to stay as far as possible in this position, you will have a surprise to notice that your belly, legs, and hands get another look.


  • Seated Forward Bend also called Paschimottanasana

This pose is similar to Deep Forward Fold, just sitting down, not standing. By adopting this position, you can avoid obesity, and if you suffer from it, you can reduce it. Reducing stress, anxiety, and fat are also part of the benefits of yoga for weight loss.



  • Locust Pose also known as Shalabasana

Slightly Difficult Locust Pose involves the stomach in the right position with the hands on the body. Raise your legs and move them a little. Stay in this pose for a few seconds, then leave your feet down and relax. The stretching of muscles from the abdomen, chest, and shoulders, improving body posture and stimulation of abdominal organs are part of the benefits of this position.

All yoga for weight loss listed above will help you get rid of unwanted pounds. To get results, they need the correct way of doing. Yoga is good for the body as well as for the mind. In conclusion, I think you’ll think more about doing yoga for weight loss now.

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