Why My Hair Stop Growing?

One of the many favorite topics is hair. If you have trouble raising it, you’re on the right track! Find out why my hair stops growing.

First of all, the hair requires a lot of care. Healthy hair looks good! Both women and men need to know how to care for their hair.

Second, the most expensive shampoo is not the best. Usually, people tend to buy costly products believing they are right. Even more, this premise often fails. A good shampoo is right for your hair. If your best friend says she has just bought a great shampoo, it does not mean that it suits you too. On the other hand, what is inappropriate for others it could be ideal for you. As every person is different, so are his needs.

my hair stop growing

By way of example, hair care products do not have the same results at all. The hairdryer can set your hair or damage it.

Another reason why your hair does not grow anymore is scissors. Yeah, exactly, you do not tweak it pretty often. Cutting split ends helps to increase hair growth quickly. Hair will grow healthy from the root, and the damaged part doesn’t exist. Once it reached a certain length, it stops growing. If you refuse to cut it, it will not become. The best is to tweak it a little, every month.

Speaking about this, split tips are a problem in hair growth. They break because of several factors. The big enemies of the peaks include chemicals. Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, or hair dye are the chemicals that stop your hair growth. Indeed, there is also a solution for these: natural products. Castor oils, argan, flaxseed oil or grapeseed oils improve your hair. Moreover, shampoos are also found with different natural ingredients. Ammonia-free hair dyes, along with one of the oils, have a significant effect on hair.

If you use natural products and cut it often, your hair will grow fast. Even if you are a part of those who do not want to cut, it’s good to do it. Breaking peaks, along with chemicals, can cause a hair break at the root.

Another cause why your hair has stopped growing is the scalp. An unhealthy scalp stops the hair growth process. Permanent use of hair products, do not let the scalp breathe. The products are highly concentrated, they load the hair, but at the same time, the scalp. As I have said above, you should use often essential oils. Styling products make your scalp harder. If their use is necessary, clean your scalp after you no longer need it.

Above all, medicine is also part of the hair’s enemies. Pills for various diseases can cause growth to stop or hair loss. You can help your hair with a few vitamins. Vitamin E, biotin, or magnesium is a boost for hair. Although some diseases cause hair loss, you can try to take some vitamins. Before doing this, talk to your doctor about this topic.

Besides these things that slow hair growth, there is also excessive heat. Excessive heat for hair slows or stops its growth — for example, hairdryer, hair straightener, heat brush, or curler. What’s more, many women use them all weekly. After washing your hair, it is good to dry it in the towel. Change the sheet when it absorbed the water from the nose. You will see that hair gets another look when it is no longer dry with a hairdryer. Use protective products if it is necessary to use the products with heat.

To say nothing of diet. The foods you eat are essential for your hair. What you eat or drink affects your hair. Vitamins needed for hair are found in foods such as avocados, eggs, or honey. Water also plays an important role. Hydration is ideal for the scalp and the entire body.

In all honesty, you can not control all things. Here we talk about age. You can not control the age or the way it works on the body. Aging weakens the body, and it becomes prone to many affections. An older person is weaker in the face of stress than a younger one. I brought importance because he is also part of stopping hair growth. Age and all the things you bring us can not control them. What you can control is the reaction to everything that’s going on.

If we talked about uncontrollable things, genetics is the same. Why hair growth stops because of genetics, each of us has another hair growth process. Your hair has reached a certain length, and suddenly it quits due to genetics. After going through the growth process, it will resume its work.

Those things are to say about why my hair stops growing. We are also talking about how you can help it grow faster.

  • Brush it correctly in several directions. Use slow movements and never comb it when it is wet. It is weak, and if it smoothes it wet, it breaks. Start from the bottom of the hair to avoid rupture from the root.
  • Use conditioner at each wash. Softness the hair. By using the conditioner, the hair grows faster and saves easily. Easy brushing of the hair prevents it from breaking.
  • Rinse with cold water. After your hair is immaculate and hot water removes fat from the scalp, cold water starts. Coldwater closes the pores of the scalp and prevents dust from entering.
  • Replace the pillow linen. Your hair must stay away from cotton. As a final point, my advice is to try everything natural for hair. Vitamins, oils, and nutrition are beneficial for the body, but also hair.

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