Top 7 Poses of Yoga for Beginners

Are your mind and body stressed? Try the top 7 poses of yoga for beginners. Yoga is a practice that relaxes the brain, the body, and the soul. Learn how to create harmony between the three by reading this article.

At first, yoga is among my favorite practices. Not only is it good for a lot of affections but also because it changes your way of thinking. Practicing yoga, your lifestyle will inevitably change. By way of example, when your mind relaxes, you will know that there is no need to stress yourself for small things. The lifestyle will change as you begin to see things really important.

Top 7 poses of yoga for beginners

As I said before, by creating harmony between mind, body, and soul, you will heal various diseases. Back pain, joint pain, headache, or stress-relieving are among the first to disappear when you start practicing yoga.

For the simple reason that this practice is right for your body, you must try the pose of yoga for beginners. Besides relaxing your body and mind, it also strengthens your muscles. You become flexible and begin to master your balance, which helps you to discipline yourself. The development of body balance is also beneficial for mental stability. Provided that, when you manage to hold a specific position, you will generate feelings of gratitude and fulfillment, even if you will not succeed for the first time.

Just as the flexibility of the body develops, so does the way of thinking. Since your way of thinking is transforming for good, cut of stress will also occur.

Speaking about this, poses of yoga for beginners, certain positions are for different things. I mean, some poses are for increasing body strength, while others are for relaxing the muscles. On the other hand, besides positions, there is also breathing. Breathing is essential in yoga practice, and through proper breathing, you will have mental peace.

To put it briefly, the benefits of yoga practice are:

  • Muscle Toning

  • Well-being

  • Energizes the body

  • Relaxes the mind

  • Helps self-awareness


To get back to the point, let’s talk about the top 7 poses of yoga for beginners:

  1. Sukhasana (crossing the legs).

For a start, you need a mattress for yoga. The yoga mat is necessary to avoid any back pain or stroke. Then sit on it, bend your knees, cross your legs, and put your palms on your knees. The palms are open while holding this pose. The spine should stand right. This pose is to improve the strength of the body, so you have to push forcefully on the bones that support the body on the ground. While staying in this pose, close your eyes and inspire deep. You can practice this exercise when you are under stress.

  1. Mountain.

Mountain pose is the most accessible position. Stand straight, with your legs together and press down all the toes. When you inspire, and the top trends to get up, just lift your chest, while you oppose the shoulder resistance. The palms are on the body. Although it seems useless, because you only stand, this pose makes you relax and feel the ground under your feet.

  1. Tree Pose.

Just like Mountain Pose, in the tree pose, you have to stand. While standing, raise and bend your left knee and put it on your right leg thigh. The right foot will stand in the right and stretched position, and the sole on the ground. Get your palms together then lift them over your head. Maintain this pose for 30 seconds, then change legs. The benefits of this exercise are improving the balance and flexibility of the body.

  1. Downward facing dog.

All you have to do for this position is to create a “V” with your body. No more, no less. Maintain the soles correctly on the ground, and from standing put your palms on the floor. The hands stretch to a maximum level, and the distance between them and the hips will be small. Knees parallel to the hips, holes and push the buttocks upwards. While the head is down, it holds this position between 5-10 cycles of breathing.

  1. Bridge.

Bridge pose is among the postures of yoga for beginners because it is straightforward to do. Stand on your back, lift the bottom of your body like a bridge. Together your hands back and press on your feet and raise your buttocks. While your hands are under the back, press them on the floor and hold this pose for eight breaths.

  1. Plank.

If you are a fan of stretching, plank pose is the best choice. This exercise energizes the body. With your face on the floor, lift your body from the ground and support the body in your hands. While the palms are on the floor, the fingers need to split. The toes should also support the weight of the body. The body must form a perfect line, and the next move is the stretched muscles. Stay in the plank pose for eight cycles of deep breathing.

  1. Child’s pose.

The child’s pose represents total relaxation. All other exercises make the muscles stretch, and the body maintains balance. This exercise is the relax of the body, but also the mind. Easy to do, even small ones can do it. Kneel on the floor, then put the buttocks on the heel. The chest is on the knee, and the hands stretched forward. While holding your forehead on the floor, let your body relax. What is very interesting about this position is the fact that you do not have time to fit in. Stay as long as you like and enjoy relaxing!


In conclusion, the poses of yoga for beginners are here! Afterward, you can do it all, come and tell us about this experience!


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