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Top 13 Yoga Poses For Two

Top 13 yoga poses for two. Sometimes you want to lose weight, but you don’t want to go alone to the gym. Find out now the best 13 yoga poses for two that will help you!

yoga poses for twoAmong the best weight loss tips, yoga is the most important choice that you can take! By way of example, when you want to lose weight or improve your muscles, it happens that no one wants to come with you to the gym. Then you give up, and there is no losing weight or stretching muscles. It is not right, and if you already decide to lose some pounds, go and do it! In this article, you will find the best 13 yoga poses for two that you can do with your love or best friend.

Speaking about this, yoga poses for two is the most excellent choice. Including having fun and improve the muscles, this kind of yoga can also increase the relationship between you two. Even you choose your best friend or your partner, both of you will have a satisfying feeling. Besides you will enjoy so much the time spent with a person that you care about, you will lose weight.

Yoga is already known as a form of meditation, where your thoughts get together, and you become more rational. When you practice yoga, especially with a person that you care about, you two build connections. Those connections happen between your chakras. All the energies will become one, and you two will think the same, and act the same. On the subject of your partner, for one thing, you need to try yoga poses for two: to improve your relationship. No link has no problems or argues. So, this type of yoga is the perfect choice to build a special bond.

On the other hand, yoga poses for two help you to build muscles, and lose weight. To say nothing about stress, that will indeed disappear. When we talk about the importance, we think about a particular person with whom cut this part of our lives. The pressure is reduced when you spend time doing your favorite things with those beloved persons. In other words, yoga poses for two will bring you a lot of benefits.

However, you have problems in your relationship, and maybe you don’t want to hear anything from your love. But even so, try some yoga poses for two. This will help both of you to understand each other, build common interests, and reach a healthy relationship. All the strong feelings have a base on understanding. Both of you know the right things as well as the bad ones. It’s recommended to read some yoga quotes before starting your training.

To get back to the point, find out the best 13 yoga poses for two:

  1. Facing Twist or Parivritta Sukhasana II.

yoga poses for twoThis pose is the perfect one when you fight with your partner. You don’t face with him/her, but your hands are together. Start from the sitting cross-legged, meeting your partner. Your knees almost need touching his/hers. With your left arm, grab your partner left arm, on the left side of your partner’s waist. Your right arm needs to be behind your left side of the abdomen. Put both of your hands together, like the infinity symbol. Pull him/her right hand with your left one, both of you, to create a healthy balance. Repeat this pose on the other side.

  1. Assisted Fish Pose or Salamba Matsyasana.

Imagini pentru Salamba Matsyasana gifWhen you start to have doubts about trust, try Assisted Fish Pose. Based on each partner trust, this pose will help you to reduce your uncertainties. Get a yoga mat and lay on your back with the knees lifted. Your feet are on the carpet. Your partner back will stay on your knees, resting and your knees are reaching a healthy weight for your partner pose. The ribcage of your partner will stay over your knees. Your knees will support his/her head as will low it onto your tights. Besides this, you can pull his/her arms to have a deepen stretching. When you have finished this pose, change the roles.

  1. Boat Pose or Navasana.

Imagine similarăStay on the yoga mat, facing your partner about three feet away. Both of your feet need raising, touching each other toes and forefeet. If you can’t do this pose from the first, try to touch each other toes, then raise it slowly until both of you form a boat. Your hands are together to keep the balance. When your feet are up on a full stretch, press the feet while you pull the partner arms to you. Keep this pose how much you can, then repeat. This pose is the best one in improving communication between you, and you can have some fun.

  1. Chair Pose or Utkatasana.

Imagine similară
A straightforward pose, but with a high level of stretching, chair pose will help you to increase the muscles of the lower body. Facing your partner, put your soles on the ground, and grab the partner’s hands. Both of you slowly let down until you reach the chair pose. Push your butt back while pulling the partner’s hands. This pose is similarly with doing squats. You do squats while you help each other. Focus on communication, because you won’t feel the stretch too much. Hold this pose as much as you can.


  1. Downward Dog and Handstand or Adho Mukha Svanasana and Adho Mukha Vrikshasana.

yoga poses for twoA typical pose, downward dog, is an easy one until you are the up partner. Starting from the downward dog pose, you or your partner needs to stay on the hands and do this pose. Stay on your hands and raise your legs at the lower back of your partner. One of you will remain in the downward dog pose, while the other one will stay on the hands with his legs on the other one’s back. The partner who will remain in fists with his legs raised on the other one’s back will focus the body weight on his hands. This pose is the best one when you want to focus on the partner’s good, which means that you will support your weight in your own hands for your partner’s right pose.

     6. Supine Leg Raises or Utthita Urhva Padasana.

Imagine similară
The supine leg raises pose is among the most recommended ones when we talk about communication. Lay down on your back and raise your leg. Your toes are pointed in front to full stretch. The arms, both of you and your partner need to stay on the ground. Your head touches your partner’s while both of you grab your shoulders gentle. Push your navel towards the floor and lift your both legs. Find a common subject and talk about it. You will genuinely increase the communication between you and your partner.

7. Lifted Plank or Savasana and Phalakasana.

Image result for Lifted Plank gifStart from the plank pose and put your feed beside your partner’s shoulders. Your palms will be facing down beside your partner’s feet. The body should stretch as well as the plank pose. Your partner will support your knees on his hands while he/she will lay on the back. This version of the plank is among the poses which help you to improve your body flexibility and maintain a steady posture. Besides your flexibility will improve, you will be able to hold more the plank pose alone. After you finished, switch with your partner.


     8. Standing Shoulder Opener or Utthita Hasta Ardha Uttanasana.

Image result for Standing Shoulder Opener yogaWhile your arms are reaching forward, grab each other’s shoulders. Keep your legs extended and your arms too. Walk backward and create a bridge. Both of you will create a soft stretch in your shoulders, and you become more confident. This pose will help you to support each other’s feelings by forming a stable bridge. If one of you will give up, the other one will no longer keep the pose. In the same way as in your life, you need to understand and support the other’s one feelings.

    9. Cobra Stretching With Chair Pose or Bhujangasana With Utkatasana.

yoga poses for two


Starting from laying with face down, put your hands behind and let your partner grab them. Him/her will stay in the chair pose holding your hands. While you are doing cobra stretch, your muscles will stretch more in this pose. The partner who will do the chair pose needs to pull gentle but firm the hands of the other’s one. After you finished this pose, change the place with your partner.


    10. Standing Backbend of Urdhva Uttanasana.

Image result for Urdhva Uttanasana gif
Facing each other with the toes pointed in front. Grab your partner’s forearms or the elbows and lean slowly backward while holding hands. Open your chest and work with your core muscles. This will reduce the back pain, and also you will learn to hold better your partner’s body weight. When you want to finish this pose, pull gentle the hands and bring the upper body in the starting position. This means that if you are doing something with a partner, you should finish in the same way.

    11.Seated Meditation or Siddhasana.

yoga poses for two

Start from sitting back-to-back with your partner. Do the relaxed pose (sukhasana) and try to synchronize the breath. All your chakras will increase profoundly, and both of you will feel good energy. When you build an active connection, you will think that you breathe for two. Both of you will meditate and feel better after you do this seated meditation pose.



    12. Child’s Pose and Fish or Balasana and Matsyasana.

Image result for Balasana and Matsyasana gifOne of you needs to stay in the child’s pose, while the other one will lay on your back with the arms and legs stretched. The one which will do the fish pose, his/her heels will stay on the ground, as well as the hands. When you are in the child’s pose, you will support the other one’s weight. This pose means that both of you need to understand and help each one’s bad and good things. After you finished this pose, change the roles. Just like in real life, everyone has bad days and good ones.

13. Final Relaxation Pose or Savasana.

yoga poses for twoLay down on your back with your head to the partner’s feet. Your sides close to touching while you hold each other’s hands. Align the center of your palm with your partner’s ones. This comfortable position will make you meditate about your relationship with your partner. Soon as you start this position, you will find some common subjects to talk about. Besides you relax your muscles, your thoughts will become better after you finish the final relaxation pose.

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