Top 10 Hanging Plants That Will Change Your Mood

Hanging plants are among those plants that will turn your boring mood into a better one. Who doesn’t want to have a good mood daily? Besides, your mood will change in the right way, and it will look lovely.

Speaking about this, you can turn your home or your room into the jungle that you have dreamt about. Sometimes you try to transform your house or a single room in the best place where you can stay. With hanging plants, your room will look completely different, and you will feel better. What is more, you breathe fresh air, your brain gets oxygen, and your mental health improves.

Hanging plans will help you to have better results in everything that you do.

First, if you decide to buy hanging plants, you will think about how good will they look. This thing will improve your mood, a perfect life hack. If your mood it’s improved, you think rationally. Besides they refresh the air, they will look better than a vintage wardrobe. Whenever you want to put some pots around your room or on the stairs, we suggest you hang them. Hanging plants will change your room’s look completely. If we talk about the house, hang some pots on the beam or in the fence.

Secondly, you need to think about the place where you want to hang them. If you want some hanging plants on a high place, you don’t want to get up on a chair daily to water them. You probably will opt for a plant that requires weekly watering.

Another good reason for hanging plants is that you need some, instead of buying furniture. This means that if you want a little more vintage in your house or your room, just hang some plants. In addition, this option is cheaper.

All in all, let’s get back to the strength point: top 10 hanging plants that will change your mood and room.

  1. Marble Pothos.

This plant is the perfect one for beginners. You need to propagate it by cut its stem. Moreover, it is looking flawless in a marble pot. Its hardy climbing vines and its variegated leaves are growing like a waterfall, that makes the plant to look very well. It is effortless to hang and don’t need so much light, and it needs like low-medium light. You need to water it weekly. Even more, this plant can tolerate lower lights levels, and it will be okay.

  1. Bird’s Nest Fern.

Bird’s Nest fern has ripple-edged fronds. Those leaves are growing like a crown, and it looks like nests. All it needs is low-medium light and weekly watered. In addition, this plant prefers extra humidity, but not too much. You can hang it in a bathroom with a window, and it will cause a spa effect. As well as is a not-exigent plant, it is pet-friendly. This means that your pets will tolerate it, without feel something.

  1. Staghorn Fern.

Another pet-friendly plant, Staghorn fern is epiphytic. This means that its growth is producing when it is hanging on the sides of trees. Whenever you see some plants mounted on wooden plaques in a sleek planter, you know that is Staghorn Fern. Its perfect place is in the bathroom or the kitchen. The plant needs bright light, for its leaf to grow beautiful.

  1. Cattleya Orchid.

All the orchids bright in your house some elegance. No matter who comes into your home, they will look first to your orchids. Orchid’s unique shapes or their fragrant flowers will grow once a year, so don’t worry if you didn’t see yet some flowers. Their favorite place is where the sun is. They need full sun indoors, so buy one only if you have a window with this characteristic.

  1. Scindapsus Pictus.

This plant, also called “silver philodendron” is found along the ground or climbing up trees. The fact that its name is “silver philodendron” is because it has dark green leaves with silver splotches. Moreover, it has wiry vines which are looking like something royal. Its care doesn’t require so much time, and you have to hang them on a hanging planter and weekly watered. This plant needs medium light, so don’t worry if you don’t have a window with full sun.

  1. Tillandsia.

Named also “air plant” this one is the perfect pick. This plant doesn’t require potting mix to grow, which make it care very easy. For its hang, you need a stick or a string. Put it inside a hanging globe with a large hole for air. Tillandsia needs weekly watered and indirect bright. Besides it needs weekly watered, you need to keep humidity high between watering, because you can drown it. Even more, if you decide to buy a tillandsia and you have pets, go and buy it because it is pet-friendly!

  1. Peperomia Hope.

Peperomia Hope is a plant whose leaves are round and fleshy. This characteristic is to help them to keep in water, and it can work a few days without water. Its parent plants aren’t working the same, so they need more water. The “design” of this plant looks like it tries to go to the sun. Its hanging doesn’t require many, so all you have to do is out it into an indirect medium light. Even more, Peperomia Hope can tolerate low light.

  1. Orchids on a stick.

To return to the subject of orchids, those on a stick have flowers, patterns, and unique shapes that you can’t find anywhere. As I have said above, orchids look in a house like a kingdom. Its royal look needs a little more attention than another flower.  They need once a day misting and once a week soak. If you put them in full sun, twice a week is better. To sum up: if you want your room to look like a kingdom, you need to invest more attention in this kind of plants. Orchids aren’t so pretentious like they look, they just need a little more care.

hanging plants

  1. Vanda Orchid.

In the hope that you will want to buy some hanging plants, another option is Vanda Orchid. This orchid is working like Cattleya. Vanda Orchid requires sunlight, so you need to hang it in full sun. Even though it works like Cattleya Orchid, Vanda can live bare root. For the simple reason that you are among those who didn’t like a mess, you really need to buy a Vanda Orchid. Daily watering is a must for this plant. They will make flowers once a year.

  1. The string of Pearls.

Its name isn’t random, and this plant really looks like a string of pearls. Is a worthy succulent plant, that requires more attention. They don’t like too much water, but they need water. It’s a little bit difficult to take care of them. In spite of their displeasure of water, they need more than other succulent plants. A perfect place for a String of Pearls is a container with drainage. Under those circumstances, buy this kind of plant only if you want to take care of it.

In conclusion, if you want to change your room’s look or if you want to feel better, you need to buy some hanging plants. They will offer you fresh air, a good mood, and a better look for your place. First, you should think about how much free time you have, and then decide what kind of hanging plant you should buy.

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