How many calories does yoga burn? Choose your favorite type of yoga

Yoga is among the most effective practice when we talk about losing weight. But how many calories does yoga burn? Find out in the article below.

To being with what yoga means, all you have to know is that yoga is a type of stretching which wants to create balance, flexibility and moreover, strength and relaxation of the mind. Besides, yoga is the only way to create a balance between the body and the brain. This practice involves some poses, movements, and breath.

On the other hand, yoga has many types, and you need to know what type fits for you. All types of yoga require different strength, breath patterns, power, focus, and balance. If you want to lose weight by practicing yoga, I suggest you go for hot yoga. Whatever, you need to know how many calories does yoga burn.

Speaking about weight loss, the calories have the most significant role, so you should focus on that. Calorie deficit, proteins, yoga or going to the gym are the first three steps that you need to do. Losing weight isn’t too complicated, all you have to do is to stay motivated, and if you want to practice yoga, read some yoga quotes.

Besides yoga, you can burn calories on the basic activity modes like walking slowly or running. If you wondered how many calories you burn if you rest, let’s see some:

Running – you burn 9 up to 19 calories/min is you run at 6.7 miles/hour. This means that you will burn 405 to 855 calories/hour.

Walking slowly – 2 to 5 calories/min walking 2 miles/hour. In 45 minutes you will burn 90 to 225 calories.

Resting – that’s pretty awkward, but you really burn calories if you rest. We don’t talk about laying all day in bed, but resting after a workout. You burn 1 to 1.5 calories/min. This thing depends on your body weight. In 45 min you burn 45 to 68 calories.

Walking briskly –  if you opt for 4 miles/hour you will burn 4,6 to 10 calories/min and in 45 min/ 207 to 450.

To return to the subject of yoga, this practice can be done at home or to the gym. The difference is that yoga classes are a bit complex and hot yoga requires over 40 Celsius degrees, so I’m quite sure that you can’t do this at home.

≈ Hot yoga

                                                                                                 How does hot yoga feel

This type of yoga lasts around 90 minutes and you practice it in a room heated to 105F. The poses of Hot Yoga are intense, your body needs to stretch and you should stay in some poses as much as you can. For this reason, you sweat and in 90 minutes you will burn up to 500 calories. Hot yoga involves 26 poses and two breathing exercises. You will cut the body toxins and improve your body flexibility at the same time. Hot yoga requires a heated room, you can’t do hot yoga without this. If your body isn’t heat-friendly, you definitely shouldn’t try hot yoga. Opt for Vinaysa one for better results. You don’t overwhelm your body and you lose weight at the same time.



How many calories does yoga burn? A lot!

≈ Hatha Yoga

Plain and simple yoga, this type is the basic one. It involves physical postures and balanced ones. Hatha yoga is that type which helps you to look great, relax the body and feel positive energy. Due to the fact that is a basic one, you burn up to 200 calories in the Hatha classes. This type of yoga will improve your flexibility.





≈ Vinyasa Yoga

how many calories does yoga burn

Every class of Vinyasa Yoga is different and intense. It involves diversity, burning muscles, stretching, and constant movement. This type together with hot yoga is the best one for losing weight. Everyone who tried Vinyasa Yoga is super excited about this and want to do it again. But how many calories does yoga burn? Known as flow yoga, this type burns up to 600 calories in a class.

                  ≈ Ashtanga Yoga 

If you want to purify the body, here is Ashtanga Yoga to help you! This kind of yoga involves movement and breathing in a different way. It helps both the brain and the cardiovascular system. By practicing this type you will improve the strength of the muscles, it will create internal heat, and you burn a lot of toxins. Ashtanga Yoga helps you to reduce stress, improve flexibility and builds strength. 351 calories you will burn if you opt for this type of yoga.


I’m trying to resume what I have said above, so if you want to lose weight, you need to take a look to a calorie deficit, how much you eat, what you eat and how you want to burn calories. Indeed sport and yoga will help you to cut some weight, you need to pay attention to stress. We already know that stress makes us eat a lot of sweets and junk food, even more, to lay in bed and wondering what we should do. In either case, you won’t lose weight, you can’t focus on yoga classes, and you will become more stressed about your body weight.

Calorie control is another big step, drink water before meals, eat vegetables, eat foods rich in protein and workout. You can choose some “zero” calories foods like cucumber or spinach, combined with egg whites or seafood. Nonfat Greek yogurt or cottage cheese can make your breakfast more tasty that you have thought. When we talk about meat, chicken breast and sometimes some beef is the most excellent choice for a healthy dinner.

However you think that yoga does not require too much attention, you should think again. Stay focused on your goal, be happy, and make everything for your own good.

On the whole, you have found how many calories does yoga burn, the next step is to choose your favorite type of yoga and count your calories.

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