Hot Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga practice has advantages over the mind and body, but does it also help in weight loss? Certainly yes! Find out the Benefits of hot yoga for weight loss.

Even if hot yoga is not suitable for all people, if your doctor recommends, you can try. The advantages of practicing yoga are toning muscles, improving flexibility, relaxing the mind, and reducing stress. Each of these benefits also has other branches. For example, by toning the muscles, the fat layer disappears, so you lose weight.

About hot yoga for weight loss, we will talk in this article.

Including healing and preventing illness, yoga is also beneficial for weight loss. Together with a calorie intake kept under control, and with some hot yoga poses, you will have the body you want. For the proper functioning of the body during hot yoga poses, you should ask for a doctor’s advice. A session lasts at least 60 minutes, including 15 minutes of muscle relaxation.


Owing to the fact that you practice yoga, eat more rationally and the body mass index is lower. The differences between yoga practitioners and those who do not exercise are quite visible. Through rational thinking, you do when practicing yoga, and you eat healthier and more prudent than if you did not do yoga. Why is this happening? The real level of hunger is otherwise perceived in yoga, and those who do not practice are not aware of this.

In fact, there are some different types of yoga, which you can practice. There is Bikram (hot yoga), Hatha, Ashtanga, and Iyengar. Besides these, there are other types, the ones already listed being the most important ones.

Forasmuch as you do right yoga poses, you can maximize its effects. How can you do that? We have some essential ideas you need to read and take into account:

  • Drink water. Hydration is an indispensable element when it comes to yoga, but especially hot yoga for weight loss! Due to the fact that you do it at quite high temperatures and the body removes water by sweating, you do not have to dehydrate yourself.

  • Yoga is for your rhythm. This means you do not have to compare yourself with the level of practicing yoga, other people. It’s not a competition, which means you focus on your own.

  • Listen to your body! If you think you’re wrong, and the pressure of an exercise is not where you need it, stop it. Hot yoga is not the same as classic yoga.

In order that you do classic yoga, I suggest you try hot yoga and look why I say that:

  • You are aware more. Here we talk about food, how much you have to sleep, in general of quantities.

  • Cardiac rhythm improves, and cardio exercises are more comfortable.

  • Make better choices. Somewhat similar to awareness, better decisions related to what you eat, not just the measure.

  • Energy is improving. Incorrect performance of some exercises can bring the body into a feeling of exhaustion. While properly doing exercises, you get more power.

  • Muscles become more toned in a faster period. Muscle modeling by practicing yoga is different from other methods. Among these methods, we also mention gymnastics or bodybuilding.

  • By practicing hot yoga for weight loss, more muscles work. If we’ve talked about other methods, like going to the gym, hot yoga is better! No exercise in hot yoga works just a specific part of the body, so you stimulate more muscles at once.

  • Your skin will gain glow and elasticity. By stretching the muscles, the skin automatically stretches, and through these exercises, it will become more elastic and shiny.

  • It helps calm your mind and relax your muscles. Reducing stress in everyday life is another benefit of hot yoga. As I said in more articles on yoga, eliminate stress as you practice more yoga. Through awareness and reflection on certain things, stress also reduces.

  • Hot yoga is for beginners too! Beginners can practice yoga, exercises are not very complicated, and what is different is the duration and warmth of the room where they are practiced.

Given these points, I’m sure that you are a bit curious about hot yoga for weight loss. Let’s find out how you can practice hot yoga.

Not for nothing, its name is “hot,” but because you will practice it in a room heated to 104F. The maximum duration of a session is 90 minutes, with a minimum of 60. An important thing in practicing hot yoga is breathing, the necessary element. A meeting includes 26 poses. With excessive sweating due to the warming of the room and the intensity of exercise, it removes toxins from the body. In a 90-minute session, you can cut up to 500 calories.

What you should know, more importantly, is to make sure you do not suffer from high blood pressure, problems with anemia or diabetes. If you have one or more of these, you need to talk to a doctor, and he will tell you whether it is ok or not to practice this type of yoga.

The heat in the gym where this type of yoga you practice, puts a lot of pressure on the heart, because of this, the cardiovascular system needs to work well. Under heat pressure, the pulse increases, but the body is not overloaded.

There are some positions that both beginners and advanced practitioners can practice, as follows:

  • Bow pose – reduces fat on the stomach.

  • Grinding poses – reduces fat on the stomach, stretch the legs and hands.

  • Bridge poses – reduce fat on tights.

  • Chair pose – tones the legs and ankle muscles.

  • Downward facing dog – improves blood circulation and tones the legs.

  • Locust pose – help digestive organs by making them more effective

Whatever happens, if you feel you are not ready to practice such a yoga, you can try others like Vinyasa or Hatha.

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