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Comment Policy

We love to see comments from our readers and encourage this practice. We are always looking forward to hearing your opinions and thoughts about our content. In this community, we want our readers to grow in the same way we want to grow. Because of this, we have some community guidelines about comments.

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Community Guidelines

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Before you ask any question, please have a look at previous comments to see if your question has already been answered. If the answer is available, then most probably, your query will not be answered.

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Comments that contain links are automatically kept in moderation. Any comment used for only self-promotion without contributing to the conversation will be moved to the spam folder, and the comment will be immediately deleted. The IP address and user email will be blacklisted from commenting in the future if we find any repeated attempts. Only the relevant links in the comments which contribute to the conversation may be allowed. It is best to leave it out if you are unsure.


If Hatelo receives any notice about proprietary, copyrighted, or plagiarized information in any comment, the offending comment will be deleted, and the publisher will be blocked from commenting any further.


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Everybody’s privacy is crucial to us, and we take it seriously. Comments containing any personal email address, physical address, or any personal information will be edited or removed to protect the privacy of the affected party. To ensure everybody’s privacy, never share public information within blog comments or platforms of social media. For more information, please read the Privacy Policy.


Comments considered to be rude or offensive by the blog owner or which includes objectionable and inappropriate language will be removed, and publishers will be banned from future use of the platform. You are allowed to argue or question constructively, but comments which are disrespectful towards writers and other commenters will not be tolerated.


Please keep all the comments relevant to the post and conversation should be on-topic. Comments which are an apparent attempt to self-promotion, brand exposure, gain traffic, backlinks or increased individual site traffic will be erased, and the commenter will be blocked from further interaction with Unrelated comments or questions may be left unanswered. If you have a query about a specific health topic, then please use the provided search box. If you want us to include any topic in our blog, then please use the contact form to suggest a topic.


Comments which are a blatant attempt to spam will be deleted and added to the spam list. Commenters with repeated attempts of spam will be blacklisted from interacting with in the future. IP addresses will be included in the backlist as well to prevent them from visiting


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What You Can do When Your Comment Does Not Appear

All the comments are not approved straight away and might be kept in moderation for some time, so please be patient. Please refrain from posting the same comment more than once unless you think your original comment was not published the first time correctly.

No Medical Advice

Please note that we are not qualified professionals, so we are unable to answer any query or question related to law, health issue or medical emergencies or situations. Questions and comments in the fields, as mentioned above, will end up unanswered. We aim to share our opinion to encourage you so that you can make a conscious decision about your health after referring to qualified professionals. We are unable to answer any query, nor can we offer any advice for a specific problem or condition.

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