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Back to my favorite subject, yoga! But in this article, we are going to talk about the best yoga mat for hot yoga and how to choose it. Is it so important to know how to choose the best yoga mat?

In the first place, to choose a yoga mat, you need to consider several elements. Such as type of yoga, material, 

best yoga mat for hot yoga

size, adhesion, thickness, sustainability, price, texture, and last but not least, what your body prefers.

Secondly, the wrong choice of yoga mat can cause back pain. Besides the fact that you can have back pain, there is also the risk of strokes caused by the material. First of all, you need to know your body.

Thirdly, if we’re already talking to people who have gone through bad or good experiences with these mats, it’s time to choose the best mat yoga. If you already know about all kinds of mat yoga, then you have to buy something according to your body’s needs. Instead, let’s go over to the mature yoga types, let’s talk a little about the features you need to consider in order to choose the best.

  • The type of yoga.

To choose the best yoga mat, you need to know what you prefer. In other words, the best yoga mat is depending on the types of poses. For example, if you are a beginner and choose low exercise intensity, you can select one of foam or PVC. In contrast, for high intensity, you can opt for textured ones.

  • Material.

The material of yoga mats is usually made of foam, PVC, rubber, jute, or cotton. However, these are standard materials, and there are also variations such as natural or recycled rubber or natural or organic cotton. Each of the above elements corresponds to a type of yoga, so you will know what to choose.

• Size.

The dimensions of the mattresses are not so varied, so we have the standard ones (183 x 61) and the long ones (between 195 and 200). The width of the yoga mattresses remains the same, the length varying. As with the material, you need to know the type of yoga you practice to choose the best yoga mat in terms of size.

  • Adherence.

Depending on the feeling you have on a yoga mat, you choose adherence. The body should not stick or slip on the mattress. What’s more, when trying a rug, it needs to be clean, free of dust or dampness.

  • Thickness.

Typically, yoga mat thickness is 6 mm but can vary between 1.5 and 4mm. As I said before, you need to know your body and the type of yoga you practice to avoid back pain or strokes.

  • Sustainability

This feature depends on what you want to choose. Materials can range, from organic to natural, natural rubber, or PVC, which is biodegradable.

  • Texture

The texture of a yoga mat has two possibilities: more accentuated or withdrawn. The pronounced textures are for high-intensity yoga types to avoid slipping. Besides the fact that it depends on the type of yoga you practice, the best yoga mat is also chosen depending on the comfort you want.


To return to the subject, we have chosen the best yoga mat for hot yoga for your needs:


  1. Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip

I do not know if you know, but the Gaiam yoga mats are among the best. Their support comes from PVC, durable, and very thick to cushion the blows. With a size of 68inch x 24 inches and 5 mm thick, it provides the support you need for your body. Also, do not let the moisture collect, and the adhesion is excellent. What you DO NOT have to do is leave it in the sun for a long time, it becomes unusable.
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  1. BalanceFrom

No, I did not forget to write the continuation, so it’s called the producer. 😀 A foam mat, the BalanceFoot provides a good position of the spine even on the most robust floors. It has a non-slip surface and dimensions of 71inch x 24 inches. Washing this mat will be done with water and soap, nothing more.

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  1. Toplus

Something Eco-Friendly! The material made of the classic ¼ inch Pro Yoga mat, TPE, is a new technology. This material has improvements over PVC, NBR, or EVA classics. This mattress is not made of chemicals, non-toxic but ecological and recyclable. It has a texture that prevents slipping and is perfect for many types of yoga. The 6mm thickness is the best choice for all yogis!
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  1. Aimerday Premium Printed.

Just like Toplus, Aimerday yoga mat is eco-friendly. The material of this yoga mat comes from durable PVC that scratches quite hard, and its deformation is almost impossible. It has a triple anti-rupture layer and an Anti-Slip system. Useful for many types of yoga, its dimensions being 72 x 24 inches. It attenuates the kicks to the elbows or knees.
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  1. Manduka Pro.

If you want a heavy-duty yoga mat, Manduka Pro is the right one for your choices! This yoga mat protects the joints by its thickness and length. It protects and supports body weight under the best conditions. The material of this matte yoga is non-toxic and latex-free. Its surface is anti-adhering and easy to clean.
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  1. Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1.

A mat for high-intensity exercises, this is a perfect choice! No more slipping and bunching! It has a microfiber towel that prevents slipping. It is easy to wash, tested, and it has no chemicals.

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On the whole thing, all you have to do to choose the best yoga mat for hot yoga is to listen to your body. I think this is an essential aspect. Analyze all the above features + the budget you want to allocate to a yoga mat, and you will get something perfect for you.

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