Best Active Herb For Appetite Suppressant Tea

Find out how this active herb makes the best appetite suppressant tea, and why this is the best detox tea recipe. Start living healthier and burn extra fat.

Diets and weight-loss programs have been around forever, and it’s hard to tell which one will work for you and which won’t. In 2018, naturopath and author Liz Swann Miller released The Red Tea Detox, a 14-day program for cleansing your body of toxins, burning fat, and living healthier.

The Red Tea Detox Program was developed by Liz Swann Miller after hearing a legend about a delicious appetite suppressant tea used by a remote Kenyan tribe to relieve feelings of hunger. After a trip to the area, she found the active herb and the recipe for the tea, and to her surprise, it worked. The program she developed is based on this recipe and backed by science to help you lose weight by:

  1. Blocking hunger and food cravings, acting as an appetite suppressant tea
  2. Preventing low blood sugar that can cause irritability and mood swings
  3. Eliminating the rebound weight gain that simply skipping meals can trigger
  4. Boosting energy levels while eliminating mid-afternoon energy slumps

This all sounds amazing, but you’re probably wondering, how does just drinking tea work for weight loss? This detox tea recipe uses rooibos tea – the active herb, also called red tea and a blend of other ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store to create an appetite suppressant tea with many health properties. Rooibos is Afrikaans for ‘red bush’, named for the earthy red color of the fermented leaves. People in southern Africa have drunk rooibos tea for generations, and recent studies have shown it to be helpful in preventing heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, as well as helpful in reducing weight gain.

Best Active Herb For Appetite Suppressant Tea - Detox Tea Recipe

Rooibos tea is high in antioxidants, similar to green tea.

However, the antioxidants in red tea are different substances than those found in green tea. Red tea antioxidants — aspalathin and nothofagin — are relatively rare and fulfill a number of other functions such as helping to regulate blood sugar, reducing fat production, relieving stress, and inhibiting metabolic disorders. These results not only help people lose weight, but they also work to reduce many things that contribute to weight gain, such as stress eating. Plus, red tea doesn’t contain caffeine, making it perfectly suitable as a solution to late-night cravings as opposed to green or black teas.

Another benefit that rooibos tea has over other teas is its flavor.

The flavor is similar to hibiscus but with a more of an earthy flavor like a yerba mate. Plus, with a relatively low tannin content, rooibos isn’t prone to the bitterness that other teas can develop, making it a treat instead of a chore to drink. The program even includes a sweeter recipe that might appeal to children or adults with a sweet tooth.

In addition to the benefits of the tea itself, The Red Tea Detox Program is designed to help in a number of other ways.

First off, where other diet programs have long lists of specialized ingredients, the tea is made using ingredients easily available, and affordable, at your grocery store. The rest of the included diet plan is made of practical steps and advice, that anyone can follow without disrupting the daily flow of their lives. The diet also isn’t rigid the way other diet programs can be, allowing substitutions of food that might appeal more to you. Unlike other detox diets, The Red Tea Detox works to control hunger and cravings, so you’re not left in a constant state of hunger pangs. Finally, the plan only takes 14 days, making it easy to get through and easy to repeat as needed.

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Best Active Herb For Appetite Suppressant Tea - Detox Tea Recipe

It’s obvious that drinking rooibos tea has many benefits, but you’re likely wondering if the Red Tea Detox Program will work to help you lose weight and live healthier. While we can’t tell you exactly what your results will be, others who have tried the program have reported very positive results, including lower stress, higher energy, and weight loss. With all the other benefits of red tea such as relieving stress and regulating blood sugar as well as working to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, you’ve got nothing to lose by adding a bit of this incredible tea to your life.

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