exercises for flabby arms

Best 10 exercises for flabby arms that will help you tone it

Exercises for flabby arms are among the first search on google when you already lose weight. This thing is happening because you cut the fat, and your skin is losing its elasticity. Find out best 10 exercises for flabby arms that will help you tone it.


First of all, let’s talk about what causes flabby arms and how you can get rid of them. When your body accumulates too much fat, your skin gets stretched. After you lose enough weight, your skin stays too extended, and then it loses its elasticity. Another big reason for why we have flabby arms is the age.

When the flabby arms occur, we don’t know what clothes to wear or how can we hide it. Exercises for flabby arms are the best way to build lean muscle while the fat gets eliminated. Known as “bat wings,” this stage of the skin is the worst one. Due to the fact that it looks bad, you can wear your favorite t-shirt because it won’t fit.

Secondly, you should know that extra fat over your body, will deposit on your arm too. So, if you don’t want to have flabby arms, avoid gaining too much weight. Notably, this is not about gaining muscles, just unnecessary fat. When you build muscle, your body will get toned, so you don’t have to worry about the bat wings.


On the other hand, the second reason why we get bat wings is the age. We can’t control the aging, but even so, we can do exercises that will help us to look better. By way of example, even if you have an old age, you can do easy exercises that will not overwhelm your body. Owing to the fact that there are a lot of ways to avoid flabby arms or turn them into toned ones, we will help you with the best 10 exercises for flabby arms.

Besides the fact that bat wings look bad, you can’t dress how you want, and because of the stage of your skin, you can hit more often and easier. This thing is happening due to the fact that your skin is too soft and you have no muscles there.

If you want to lose weight and gain muscles, you should bring some dumbbells or a kettlebell. You will lose weight while you build muscle. Before you start doing exercises, warm-up like 10 or 20 minutes to prevent muscle strain.

Best 10 exercises for flabby arms that will help you tone it:

  1. Image result for Downward Facing Dog gifDownward Facing Dog

Well known as a yoga pose, Downward Facing Dog will strengthen your arm and the stomach muscles. The hips and shoulders muscles will improve its flexibility. Start from the facing down position, parallel to the ground. Lift your hips, while your palms and soles are to the yoga mat. Your body will form a “V” pose. Hold this pose for a few minutes, as long as you can.


  1. Overhead Lifts

Bring two dumbbells, then lift them on the same height as your head. After, raise them above your head. Your arms need to have a 90 degrees pose. Lift the dumbbells over the head, then let them down in line with your head at 90 degrees. Do this exercise by 15 times three series. This will help you build muscles, and you will improve the strength of your arms.


  1. Triceps Dips

Find a chair or a bench where you can do this exercise. Even you are at home, or you want to work out, you need to put your arm on a bench or chair, then put the heels on the ground. Place your arms behind your back on a chair on the bench. After try to lower yourself, then lift. If your elbows aren’t at a 90-degree angle, you do the exercise wrong. Push your body up and down by using only the triceps. Do this exercise by 20 times, two series. Your body strength will improve, and your triceps will become toned quickly.

Image result for Wall Pushups gif

  1. Wall Pushups

The wall pushups will help both arms and stomach muscles. You will tone your arms while you improve the Abs. Place your palms against a wall. It doesn’t matter if you are at your home or out, then put your elbows on the wall. Keep your body straight and push away from the wall by bending your arms. Repeat this exercise how much you can.

Image result for Push-ups gif

  1. Push-ups

Known among the chest exercises, the push-ups also work well for the triceps. Do more than 10 push-ups on a set, then rest by doing a plank which will also help you get rid of flabby arms. Push-ups will increase the triceps, the chest, and the stomach muscles as well.


  1. Tricep Extension

Hold a dumbbell in your hands, wrap the thumbs around it. Place the dumbbell behind your head, and the palms facing the ceiling. Put the upper arms close to your head, the elbows close to your eyes, perpendicular to the floor. Low the dumbbell until it touches the upper part of your back and doesn’t move the elbows. Your triceps will raise the dumbbell, and your arms will fully extend over your head.

Image result for One-Arm Side Push-ups gif

  1. One-Arm Side Push-ups

This exercise is really among the best ones for flabby arms. Lie on your side with both knees bent slightly. Your left arm will stay on your right shoulder, and then you need to push your torso up. Your right arm will remain on the floor, facing up and do push-ups. After you do some sets, switch sides.


  1. Tricep Kickbacks

As the Tricep Extension, hold dumbbells on your both hands. The difference is that you need two dumbells, instead of one. Start from standing position, then bend your both knees while keeping the back straight. The position of your body requires to stay almost parallel with the floor. While you are keeping your shoulders locked on your sides, extend your arms back. Hold a few seconds, then low your arms to the start position.


  1. Bend Over Row

The position of your body is almost like one of the triceps kickbacks. The difference is that you should keep your upper body more lifted. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lift them until your elbows are higher than your back. Hold each position a few seconds, then repeat.

Image result for Windmill fitness gif

  1. Windmill

The Windmill will help you build the strength of upper arms, neck, and shoulders. From standing, raise the arms in your front. The shoulder level will stay parallel with the ground. Rotate your arms backward and forwards in a 360 – degree motion. This pose is like the blades of windmills. Do this exercise 20 times back and 20 times forward.

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